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Website Design and Web Development Training



Web design is a lucrative course that is increasingly becoming paramount in virtually all organizations. As the demand for communication in the cyberspace increases, the need for a website increases.The increase in online activities such as e-tading, e-commerce, branding, e-banking and others online communications has made Web design skill to become an amazing skill that can make you to be in high demand in the software and web industry. Web design deals with the design of a website layout and the visual components that that brings out its artistic and ecstatic beauty. With website design, you can become a good professional in the front-end development of a responsive website.Web design involves several sub courses. These courses include: Graphics software such as Coreldraw or Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery.In Voisip Telecommunications Limited, We give comprehensive training solutions to our students to equip them adequately to deliver the best quality service in the labour market. We also engage our students with a several practical and live projects in order to enable them to compete effectively in the IT world.Below is an outline of our course outline as regards to web design:
Web Design
S/N Courses Outline Duration
1 HTML Client-side and internet Technology 1week
HTML List and Tables
HTML Elements and attributes
HTML Forms
HTML 5 and header
Graphics and Media
HTML Project
2 CSS Introduction 1 week
CSS Background
CSS Elements
CSS Margin/Width
CSS Navbar
CSS3 animation
CSS Project
3 Javascript Intoduction to Js 1week
JS Output, Operator
Data types
Conditional statements
Javascript Project
4 Jquery Introduction to Jquery 1week
Jqery intro and event
Jquery Effect
Jquery HTML
Juery Transversing
Jquery ajax
5 Content Management System CMS Web building 1 week
6 Project General Revision 1 week
7 Bootstrap Learn how to apply this HTML and css frameworks to build a responsive site 1 Week

Web Development

Website development involves the backend web development. It deals with the development of database which include querying, updating and transactions of databases. It involve the use of PHP & Mysql programming language to perform these actions. It is the core of resonsive and database driven websites. Big sites like facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mailchimp and a lots more! In Voisip Telecommunications Ltd, we give the best training solutions to our students including how to integrate Php with databases and build an amazing websites. Our course outline is as follows:
Web Development
S/N Courses Outline Duration
1 PHP Introduction to server technology 2weeks
PHP bascis
PHP form
PHP Session
PHP Session
PHP Advanced
PHP(Object oriented Programming)
PHP Project
2 Mysql Database Mysql server and installation 2weeks
Database creation
Drop Database, data types
create table, insert, select
Where Clause, Update, Delete
Like clause, sorting, Join
RegExps, Transaction
Alter command, temporary table, clone table, mysql functions
3 PHP Mysql PHP Mysql Database connection 2 weeks
PHP CRUD Operation
PHP file Upload
PHP content Management
Registration and Login System
E-commerce website


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