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Web Design and Development


Web development is a lucrative course that is increasingly becoming paramount in virtually all organizations. The increase in online activities such as e-commerce, branding, e-banking and other online communications have made Web developers in high demand in the tech industry. Learn how to develop effective and captivating websites using the latest development tools and practices

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What you'll learn:

  • The Building Blocks
  • Responsive Design
  • SASS
  • CSS Framework
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Developer Tools
  • Basic Deployment
  • Front End JavaScript Framework
  • State Management
  • Server Rendering
  • Projects
  • Back End Development
  • Node
  • Databases
  • See the full course outline below


Full Course Outline for Web Design and Development

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Prep work & In-depth Overview
  • The Building blocks
    • HTML5
    • CSS Fundamentals
    • CSS Grid & Flexbox

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Viewport
  • Media Queries
  • Fluid widths 
  • Mobile first

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • SASS

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Bootstrap

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Fundamentals
  • DOM
  • JSON
  • FETCH API (Request / Response / Ajax)
  • Modern JS (ES6)

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Git (Version Control) & GitHub
  • Browser Development tools / Editor Extensions
  • NPM or Yarn (Package Manager)
  • Axios
  • Webpack or Parcel (JS Module Bundlers)

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Domain Registration 
  • Managed Hosting
  • Static Hosting (Netlify, GitHub Pages)
  • SSL | FTP | SFTP | SSH (Secure Shell)
  • CLI & Git

Front End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Vue
  • Vuex
  • NUXT

Back End Development Intensive Bootcamp

  • Express
  • Database Design
  • MongoDB
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Loads of projects
  • Relational Database

  • You’d build independent projects for each section at dynamic intervals.
  • You’d also build your personal website as a your final project which will be reviewed by your instructor.

This idea is to get you excellently comfortable and confident to future jobs either from individual clients or larger organisations.

What our Students say

...I realized my friends worked on the web but never knew about how it worked. So, I enrolled for the course and it's been an amazing web tour. It's very enlightening and sweet over here and I had my first website in two weeks afterward.
Victor Umor
Web Designer
This course was a great experience. I covered a huge content from the Front to the Back End within 3 months, and I got a client a month after.

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