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Desktop, VPN and Remote Access

Accessibility on the move is critical to improve your team’s productivity. In situations where there is need for staffs to work from home or a different location, VPN & Remote access technologies are the solutions. Microsoft remote desktop services allows users to access data, email and core business applications from any device at any time.

As an IT manager, if your business depend on your staff’s ability to always access company’s corporate data anywhere, quickly and easily, then, Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology makes secure remote working a reality for your business. VOISIP can set up VPN links to connect branch offices, allowing you transfer files easily and quickly, communicate via voice & video etc. It also enables companies to share their database and provide access to applications just as if they were in the company’s Corporate Local Area Network.

A secure connection is made between two points over the Internet, such as a mobile device or home PC or laptop and a resource in the office, such as a server, Email or a desktop PC. Because the connection uses the Internet, a fixed price Internet access package can be used, meaning that the connection is cost free. Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps businesses keep decision makers, field and remote office workers in touch with the office. It also enables job sharing, flexible working and task sharing of office procedures and collaboration.

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