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VOISIP Telecoms Engineering Training


This course is an intensive course designed for engineers and non-engineers, getting them up to speed on virtually all aspects of telecom, datacom, wireless, and networking. From fundamentals to the latest jargon the latest technologies, services and solutions.
The course gives you a practical experience of deploying Telecommunications infrastructure used by major telecoms companies. So if you are interested in microwave technologies, fibre optics, transmission technology, this course is for you.

Course Instructor: Mr Steven Godfrey

  • CCNA, ZTE Certified, MTN Certified Rigger
  • B.sc Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Duration:  7 weeks Regular/Evening Students
  • 5-7 days fast track for corporate organizations
  • 7 Weekend classes for workers
Week 1: Introduction to Telecommunications Concepts
1.1 Telecommunication Concept 1.2. Telecommunication to GSM Architecture 1.3. GSM Overview 1.4. Telecommunication Network Topologies
Week 2: Introduction to Signal Convey Intelligence
2.1. What is Signal Intelligence? 2.1.1 Wireless Signals 2.1.2 Radio wave Signal 2.2 Electrical Signals (Cabling) 2.2.1 Coaxial cable 2.2.2 Wire Pair 3.3 fiber Optic cable 2.3 Network Traffic Addressing 2.3.1 IP Addressing 2.3.2 Cable Croning Addressing 2.4 Quality of Service transmission 2.4.1 Data Service 2.4.2 Voice Service 2.4.3 Video Service
Week 3: Introduction to Transmission
3.1 What is Transmission? 3.1.1 Microwave Transmission 3.1.2 Fiber Optic Transmission 3.2 Transmission Efficiency
Week 4: Introduction to Telecommunications Components
4.1 Shelter (Point of Presence) POP 4.2 Height (Tower) and List of Truck 4.3 Telecommunication Equipments 4.4 Power Units 4.5 Cooling Units
Week 5: Practical Field Installation of Telecommunications Equipment
  1. Microwave Equipments
1.1 Ericsson Node Link Installation 1.2 Ericsson Microwave and RF Antenna Installation 1.3 Huawei Node Link Installations 1.4 Hauwei Microwave and RF Antenna Installation 1.5 ZTE Base Transceiver Station BTS Installation
  1. Power Units
2.1 Rectifier Installation 2.2 Battery Installation 2.3 Automatic Transfer Switches ATP Installation 2.4 Generator Installations
  1. Tower Erect
3.1 Mast Erection 3.2 Straight Mast Erection 3.3 Self Support Tower Erection
Week 6: Practical Field Configuration of Equipment
1.1 Ericsson Node Link Configuration 1.2 Ericsson Microwave and RF Antenna Configuration 1.3 Huawei Node Link Configurations 1.4 Huawei Microwave and RF Antenna Configuration 1.5 ZTE Base Transceiver Station BTS Configuration
  1. Power Units
2.1 Rectifier Configuration 2.2 Automatic Transfer Switches ATP Configuration 2.3 Generator Configuration
Week 7: Introduction to Field Safety in Telecoms Engineering
7.1 Telecommunication Safety 7.1.1 Health Safety 7.1.2 Height Safety 7.1.3 Electrical Safety 7.2 Telecommunication Tools 7.3 Field Site Visitation/Appreciation 7.4 Personal Awareness at Site 7.5 Risks and Problems 7.6 Revision and Exercise 7.7 Glossaries
Equipment Available for the LAB
  • Base transmission System (BTS)
  • Microwave antennas
  • A/C Units configurations
  • Rectifiers
  • Cisco Routers & Switches
  • Huawei, ZTE, Ericson Equipments
  • Coverall, helmet and other safety Equipments.
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