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VOISIP Microsoft Server Engineer Training

This training is for engineers, network hobbyists, IT administrators, students who are working or are interested in working in small, medium and large enterprise companies where Microsoft server 2012 is being deployed and want to master the skills to configure, administer enterprise grade networks using hands-on scenario based training. Students would be exposed to working with HP & Dell Virtualization ready servers running on windows server 2012R2 to deploy infrastructural services like active directory services, network services etc in organizations. Course Instructor 1: Mr. Kelvin Ojanomare Technology Manager, VOISIP Telecommunications CCIE Collaboration Written, CCNP Voice, MCSA, CCNA Voice, CCNA R/S, MCITP, ITIL, Msc telecoms, and Bsc Elect/Elect. Engr. Foreign Expatriate Facilitator: Engr. Lebo Emori. Msc Bsc MCSA, ITIL, CCNA 3rd Line Infrastructural Engineer, NHS, UK. Course Instructor 2: Mr Kingsley Joseph Marketing & Product Development Manager CCNA, MCSA, PMP, A+ Duration: 8 weeks Regular/Evening Students 7 days fast track for corporate organizations 8 Weekend classes for workers
Equipment Available for the Course
  • Four (4 ) HP Rack mount Blade Virtualized Server 2Tb HDD, 24GB RAM, Quad Core Xeon processors.
  • One (1) HP Virtualization Server 2Tb RAID 5 HDD, 64GB RAM, Quad Core Xeon processors.
  • Four (4 ) 3550 & 3560 Cisco Enterprise Layer 3 Switches.
  • Fifteen (15) Cisco 2950 Layer 2 Switches and 2621XM Cisco routers
  • Four (4) 3725 & 2811 Cisco Routers.
  • Three (3) Cisco 881W integrated services Routers.
  • Online cloud servers from Digital Ocean
Software Available for the Course
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manger Software (CUCM)
  • Cisco unifed Presence Software
  • CUCME Sofware for Cisco Routers
  • Virtualbox Virtualization Software
  • VMware Workstation 11 Software
  • Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS Linux Operating System software
  • Wireshark software plus other software’s in our Software bank.
  • VMWare VSphere 5.1 environment
  • Nagios & Splunk monitoring software
  • And lots of other software available on our File servers
  • GNS3 software.
Baby Steps
  • Installation server 2012
  • Installing Server core
  • Features on Demand
  • Migrating roles
  • Modifying Installation
  • Enabling Remote Desktop
  • Minimal server interface
  • Add/Remove features in Offline Images
  • Configuring Server core
Introduction to Active Directory (AD)
  • AD Advantages
  • A.D Structure
  • A.D Objects
  • A.D Installation
  • Domain Controller (D.C) Installation
  • Installing DCs using User Interface/ powershell
  • Using IFM
  • Removing DCs
  • Planning A.D upgrade
  • Global Catalog
  • Trusts & Federations
  • New features in A.D
  • SRV Records
Managing Accounts
  • Security Identifiers
  • Copying of Templates
  • User Rights
  • Computer Accounts
  • Disabled + Inactive
Automatic Account Creation
  • Powershell
  • Accounts, Groups & OU
  • Computer Accounts – Secure Channel
  • Group Basics
  • Group Scope
  • Practical Demo
  • Delegation of Control
  • Controlling members with GPO
  • Organizational Units OU
  • Delegation
Group Policy Objects
  • Introduction to GPO
  • Local Group Policy
  • Multiple Local Group Policy
  • Applying policy
  • Templates & Central Store
Delegation and Security Settings
  • Default G.P.O permissions
  • Delegation of G.P.O
  • Security Settings
  • Security Templates
  • Scope of Management
  • Policies & preferences
  • Starter G.P.Os
  • Sofware Lockdown (software Restriction Policies
  • Applocker
Windows Firewall
  • Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP)
  • Purpose: Automatic IP Configuration
  • Create & Configure Scopes
  • Authorizing
  • Reservation
  • Options
  • Client/Server PXE
  • DHCP Relay agent
Windows Deployment Services
  • WDS properties
  • Creating a Discover Image
  • Modifying WIM files
  • Adding Patch/updates
  • Add featuresAdd Drivers
  • Reference Image
Domain Name System
  • Why we need DNS
  • DNS referrals
  • DNS zones
  • Resource records
  • Forwarders
  • Conditional, STUB, Delegation
File Services Resource Manager (FSRM)
  • File Classification
  • Quotas
  • File screens
  • Reports
Monitoring Server 2012
  • Real Time Performance
  • Task Manager
  • Resource Monitor
  • Performance monitor
  • Configuring Performance Monitor
  • Data collector sets
  • Monitor Virtual machines
  • Event viewer
  • Custom views & Filtering
  • Subscriptions
Virtual rivate Networks (VPNs)
  • VPN overview
  • VPN types
  • Authentication protocols
  • Routing & Remote Access Server (RRAS) config
  • Network Policy Server
  • Client Configuration
  • Configuring SSTP for server & client
  • Routing
Network Access Protection
  • Need for NAP
  • NAP components
  • Enforcement types
  • DHCP Demo
  • Network with VPN enforcement

Windows Server Consultancy Services

We provide Windows Server installation, configuration, troubleshooting services, support and maintenance for existing server infrastructures. We also support a range of Microsoft products and services, including SharePoint, RDS, Active Directory, Domain Controllers, Exchange, Outlook and more. With many years experience with a variety of Microsoft products and services, we are confident your business can benefit from the performance, security and best practices we can offer. For file sharing, web services, data storage, DNS, email and more, we provide a robust environment to trust your online services. Are you an I.T Manager wide in a small to large computing environment? Are you struggling with system administration and would want a centralized administration of you network infrastructure. Is your business in need of Value Added Services that would bring good return over Investment? Our Consultants are ready to proffer you solutions that would improve business collaboration. Request for a Presentation or Demo of Our Solutions today, Call +2347060467632 or +2348145213923 or email us at info@voisiptelecomms.com. Some of the services we support include: Active Directory and Domain management Custom VPN configurations Data Storage (SAN, NAS) DNS Servers Email Servers (IMAP, Exchange, POP3) Windows NT, 2003, 2008 R2, 2012 Web Servers (Various: IIS, Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Tomcat).
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