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VOISIP Cloud Computing Engineer Training

Cloud computing is one technology that has made significant impact on how we do business by changing the way employees access data & applications. In the traditional I.T infrastructure, data is being stored on local servers, but with the advent of cloud computing, they can be stored on remote IT managed infrastructure & accessed from anywhere. This cloud computing training gives you what you need to implement cloud based solutions using the right mix of AWS web services.

Cloud Computing Course Overview

What is the Cloud
Scalability & Costs in the Cloud
Cloud Impacts on Architecture
Creating a Cloud Account with AWS
AWS Value Propositions
Regions & Availability Zones
Introduction to Service Families
Roll your own Vs. AWS Supplied Services
Introduction to Authentication & Authorization
Instance types, Security, Groups, Keypairs & User Data
EBS Vs Ephemeral
Spinning up your first EC2 Server & SSHing in Key-pairs, DNS changes, etc
Templatizing Servers with AMI
Snapshots, Attaching, and Detaching
Pricing Model for EC2
Making an AMI
Amazon Load Balancers Introduction
Using Auto Scaling & Cloud Watch
Setting up a Cloud Formation
S2, RDS and Dynamo
Provisioning a Relational Database Service
Introduction to S2
Advanced features of S3
Hands on

Equipment Available for the Course
  • Four (4 ) HP Rack mount Blade Virtualized Server 2Tb HDD, 24GB RAM, Quad Core Xeon processors.
  • One (1) HP Virtualization Server 2Tb RAID 5 HDD, 64GB RAM, Quad Core Xeon processors.
  • Four (4 ) 3550 & 3560 Cisco Enterprise Layer 3 Switches.
  • Fifteen (15) Cisco 2950 Layer 2 Switches and 2621XM Cisco routers
  • Four (4) 3725 & 2811 Cisco Routers.
  • Three (3) Cisco 881W integrated services Routers.
  • Online cloud servers from Digital Ocean
Software Available for the Course
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manger Software (CUCM)
  • Cisco unifed Presence Software
  • CUCME Sofware for Cisco Routers
  • Virtualbox Virtualization Software
  • VMware Workstation 11 Software
  • Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS Linux Operating System software
  • Wireshark software plus other software’s in our Software bank.
  • VMWare VSphere 5.1 environment
  • Nagios & Splunk monitoring software
  • And lots of other software available on our File servers
  • GNS3 software.


Instead of acquiring, maintaining & upgrading your own infrastructure and software, through our managed hosted solutions from our patners, Vodacom, you can access the functionality without the baggage. This means that you can pass the technology risks to us, so you can focus on your core business. Enjoy improved efficiency & productivity through collaboration (remotely, on-site or on the move) while enjoying significant cost savings.
We bring Value Added Services to IT managers dealing with fast growing or changing network requirements, we have experienced cloud engineers that will help migrate your servers to the cloud. Call +2347060467632 or +2348145213923 or email us at info@voisiptelecomms.com.

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