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Java – Software Development for Mobile and Desktop

Java is an innovative programming language for distributed applications that has become the choice for programs that need to run on a variety of different computer systems and operating systems. Java is simple, object-oriented, platform independent, safe (the code is safe with special security requirement in place), high performance and multi-threaded programming language. It has caused more excitement than any development software and everyone, it seems, is talking about it. Unfortunately very few people seem to possess the skills required to build applications with it. People are excited about Java because of what it lets them do. First of all Java enables you to write my essay small programs called applets. These are programs that you can embed in Internet web pages to provide some intelligence. Being able to embed executable code in a web page introduces a vast range of exciting possibilities. Instead of being a passive presentation of text and graphics, a web page can be interactive in any way that you want. You can include animations, games, calculate spreadsheets, chat in real-time, get continuously updated data and much, much more. 

Java also allows you to write large-scale application programs that you can run unchanged on any computer with an operating system environment in which the language is supported. This applies to the majority of computers in use today. You can even write programs that will work both as ordinary applications and as applets. 

Java has matured immensely in recent years, particularly with the introduction of Java 7. The breadth of function provided by the standard core Java has grown incredibly. Java provides you with comprehensive facilities for building application with an interactive GUI, extensive image processing and graphics programming facilities, as well as support for accessing relational databases and communicating with remote computers over a network.


2 Months 

 Intensive theory & practical knowledge (hands-on experience) 


» HP thin client workstations connected to virtualized instances of Windows Server 2008 R2, 
Windows 7 & 8 clients 



» Java 7 Standard Edition – Software Development Kit (J7SE SDK) 

» Java NetBeans 8.0 IDE for Web and Java EE, ME & SE


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