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Accounting / Business Software

QuickBooks 2016 is Intuit Inc’s set of software solutions designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small, medium and large business. The software’s features include marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solution. This is a course introduces you to QuickBooks 2016 environment, from creating a new company to inputting inventories.

  • The home page and insights tab
  • The centers
  • The menu bar and keyboard short courts
  • The open window lists
  • The icon bars
  • customizing the icon bar
  • The chat of accounts
  • Accounting methods
  • Financial reports
    • Using express start in using QuickBooks


    • Using the easy step interview
    • Returning to the easy step interview
    • creating a local backup copy
    • setting up users
    • single and multiple user mode

    opening a company file

    • Adding multiple list entries from
      • The chat of accounts
      • The customer job list
      • The employees list
      • The vendors list
      • Using custom fields
      • Inactivating and reactivating list items pricing list
      • Renaming and merging list items excel
  • Setting up inventory
  • Creating inventory items
  • Creating a purchase
  • Receiving items with a bill
  • Entering items receipts
  • Matching bills to item receipts
  • Adjusting inventor
  • service items
  • Non-Inventory items
  • Other changes
  • Subtotals
  • Groups
  • Discounts
  • Payments
  • Changing item prices
    • Selecting sales from
    • Creating an invoice
    • Creating a sales receipt
    • Finding transaction forms
    • Previewing sales forms
    • Printing sales forms
  • Setting finance charge defaults
  • Entering statement charges
  • Applying finance charges and creating statements
  • Recording customer payments
  • Entering a partial payment
  • Applying one payment to multiple voices
  • Entering overpayments
  • Entering down payments or prepayment
  • Applying customer credit
  • Making deposits
  • Handling bounced checks
  • Creating a credit memo and refund checks
  • Refunding customer payments
  • Entering bills
  • Paying bills
  • Early bill payment discounts
  • Entering a vendor credit
  • Applying a vendor credit
  • Using Quick reports
  • Using Quick zoom
  • Present reports
  • Modifying a report
  • Rearranging and resizing report columns
  • Memorizing reports
  • Memorized report groups
  • Printing reports
  • Batch printing forms
  • Exporting reports to Microsoft excel
  • Saving forms and reports as PDF files
  • comment on report
  • Process multiple reports
  • Tracking time and printing a blank timesheet
  • Weekly timesheet
  • Time enter single activity
  • Invoicing from time data
  • Using time reports
  • Tracking vehicle mileage
  • Charging customers for mileage
    • Assets and liabilities
    • Creating and using other current asset accounts
    • Removing Value from other current asset accounts
    • Creating fixed accounts
    • Creating liability accounts
    • setting the original cost of fixed assets
    • Tracking depreciation
    • The loan manager
    • The fixed item lists
    • Recording an owner’s draw
    • Recording capital investments
    • Using graphs

    company snapshot

    • creating a job
    • Creating an estimate
    • duplicating estimates
    • Invoicing from an estimate
    • Updating job status
    • making purchases for job
    • Invoicing for job costs
    • Using job reports
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