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Network + course is designed for individuals who are seeking entry level jobs in the I.C.T industry or hope to fulfill prerequisite to pursue more specialized I.C.T skills. Network + provides extensive coverage of networking topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services, with plenty of opportunities to gain hands on practical experience to develop career skills. In this course, students learn technology concepts with the support of interactive media and apply this knowledge through a series of hands on and simulated activities that re-enforce learning.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the layers in the OSI 7-layer model and analyze their application in real-world networks.
  • Describe the various types of networks and internetworks and evaluate their application in a variety of business situations
  • Analyze network design for efficiency and resilience.
  • Effectively use networking tools to crimp & Terminate RJ 45 Cables on Parch panels, faceplates, & switches.
  • Use these knowledge to set up a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless LAN for organizations, cybercafé, companies, hotels etc & also configure internet connectivity for all the computers using Cisco Linksys, Netgear routers, Engenius & Mikrotik  Access points etc.
  • Identify and configure various networking equipment like routers, switches, Access Points, Firewalls. Set up monitoring using wireshark, SNMP etc
  • Set up file, folder and printer sharing between computers.
  • Implement a virtual environment using  VMware virtual machines.
  • Deploy Wired & Wireless security
  • Implement IP addressing scheme.
  • Use the knowledge gained to deploy various IP Addressing scenarios.
  • Subnet networks proficiently.
  • Troubleshoot networks using command line tools.
  • Work as 1st or 2nd line network engineers in small to medium businesses.

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