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  • After the 3 days workshop, the N10,000 ticket fee can be deducted from total payment when students register for the FULL COURSE.

  • You will get a mix of two curriclum. Cisco CCNA Cybersecurity Ops & Ethical Hacking. The CyberSecurity section trains you to be a network defender, while Ethical hacking trains you with the same tools hackers use to break into networks.

  • We will install a complete ethical hacking & Cybersecurity lab on your personal computers, laptops with different operating systems & penetration testing tools like Kali, ParrotSec, metasploit, Windows 7,8,10,Server 2016 etc.

  • Access to cisco netacad portal.

  • You Get 61% discount on CCNA CyberOps Certification

  • Course is 100% hands-on. So we teach students basics of Linux, networking, programming. You can attend course even if you have no Experience in networking & Linux.

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Office Address: No. 5 Lagos Street, off Aba Road, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


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Cybersecurity operations jobs play a key part of securing information systems through the monitoring, detecting, investigating, analyzing, and responding to security events, thus protecting systems from cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.
According to IDC, cybersecurity will be among the 20 most in-demand IT roles for the next decade. Learn more about skills that can boost your career.

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Cybersecurity Workshop

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Cybersecurity Workshop

The explosive growth in Internet traffic driven largely by faster mobile speeds and the proliferation of online devices works in their favor by helping to expand the attack surface. Facing mounting challenges from cybercrime, cyberespionage, insider threats, and advanced persistent threats, organizations are establishing SOC teams of security professionals who can monitor, detect, and respond rapidly to security incidents before they cause damage.

  • How to hack facebook password
  • How to hack gmail password
  • How to hack LinkedIn password
  • How to hack WordPress | Get Login details | Control Victims’ websites
  • How to bring down a website using Denail of Service Attacks
  • How to Bypass IP address restricted to a geographical location | Be in and browse with a UK, US, Germany, France etc IP addresses
  • Configure VPN for private browsing
  • Collecting information from target websites¬† E.g. Session ID, platforms, technologies, organization details like email, phone number etc
  • Gaining access to Windows OS, maintaining access
  • How to use wireshark to capture UDP or TCP information
  • Password cracking using Medusa and John the Ripper
  • Scanning the VOISIP network to get IP address of every phone or computer connected to VOISIP network using NMAP
  • How to use XERXES for DDOS Attack
  • How to change your MAC address on your Linux box
  • How to install virtualbox and kali Linux on Virtualbox or VMWare

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