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Amazon Web Services

This is a purely hands-on course that prepares students to work as Cloud Engineers, Network Engineers, Cloud Platform Engineers, Cloud Infrastructure Engineers etc.


This Course is designed for I.T engineers looking to take a major step in their career by learning how to manage cloud services using AWS cloud infrastructure. AWS is the most sought-after cloud computing certifications in the world today, with AWS maintaining over 50% of the cloud market.

By the end of this course students will be prepared for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam. The AWS certification is a must have for any IT-professional.


We’ll start with a broad overview of the AWS platform. No programming knowledge is needed, and no prior AWS experience required. Even if you have never logged into the AWS platform before, you’ll build the foundations to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam after completing our certification training.

Not only will we cover the fundamentals of AWS architectural principles and services, we will also deep dive into each of the individual elements: IAM, S3, Cloudfront, Storage Gateway, Snowball, EC2, Cloudwatch, CLI, Lambda, Route 53, RDS, Dynamo DB, Redshift, ElastiCache, Aurora, VPC, SQS, SNS, Elastic Transcoder, Kinesis, API Gateway and so on.

  • You will gain the knowledge to pass one of the Top IT certifications in the industry
  • You will become intimately familiar with the AWS Platform
  • You will learn to design highly resilient and scalable websites on AWS
  • AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary
  • Existing Solutions Architects
  • Programmers interested in deploying applications on AWS

·        Why you should learn AWS and get Certified


·         Identity & Access Management 101

·         Identity & Access Management -Demo

·         Create a billing alarm-Demo

·         S3 Overview

·         Create a S3 bucket – Demo

·         S3 pricing tiers

·         S3 security & encryption

·         S3 Versioning – Demo

·         Lifestyle Management with S3 – Demo

·         S3 Object lock & glacier vault look

·         S3 performance

·         S3 Select and Glacier select

·         AWS Organizations & Consolidated billing

·         Sharing S3 buckets across accounts

·         Cross region replication

·         s3 transfer acceleration

·         AWS DataSync

·         Cloudfront

·         Create a CloudFront distribution – Demo

·         Cloudfront Signed URLs and Cookies

·         Snowball

·         Storage gateway

·         Anthena Vs Macie

·         S3 & IAM summary


·         Introduction to Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

·         Launch our first EC2 -demo

·         Security Groups – Demo

·         Introduction to EBS

·         EBS volumes & Snapshots – Demo

·         AMI types (EBS Vs Instance store)

·         ENI Vs ENA Vs EFA

·         Encrypted root device volumes & snapshot -Demo

·         Spot Instances and Spot fleets

·         EC2 Hibernate

·         Introduction to Cloudwatch

·         Cloudwatch Demo

·         AWS command line (CLI) – Demo

·         Identity & access management roles – Demo

·         Using bootstrap scripts – Demo

·         Instance metadata – Demo

·         Elastic file system ( LAB)

·         Amazon FSx for windows and Amazon FSx for Lustre

·         EC2 placement groups

·         HPC on AWS

·         EC2 summary

·         Using AWS tags and resource groups in AWS

·         Creating & working with an Ec2 instance in AWS


·         Introduction to databases

·         Creating your first RDS instance – Demo

·         RDS backups, Multi-AZ and read replicas -Demo

·         Dynamodb

·         Advanced DynamoDB Configuration

·         Redshift

·         Aurora

·         Elasticache

·         Database Migration Service (DMS)

·         Caching Strategies on AWS

·         EMR overview

·         Deploying an Amazon RDS Multi-AZ and read replica in AWS


·         Introduction to DNS

·         Register a domain name – Demo

·         Route 53 routing policies available in AWS

·         Route 53: Simple routing policies -Demo

·         Route 53: Weighted Routing policy – Demo

·         Route 53: Latency based policy – Demo

·         Route 53: Failover Routing policy – Demo

·         Route 53: Geolocation routing policy – Demo

·         Route 53: Multivalue Answer Policy – Demo

·         DNS Summary


·        Introduction to VPC

·         Create your own Custom VPC – Demo

·         NAT Instances and NAT gateway – Demo

·         Network Access Control list Vs Security groups

·         Custom VPCs and ELB – Demo

·         VPC flow logs – Demo

·         Bastions

·         Direct connect

·         Setting up direct Connect

·         Global accelerator

·         VPC endpoints

·         AWS Privatelink

·         AWS transit gateway

·         AWS VPN Cloudhub

·         AWS Network costs

·         Creating a basic VPC and Associated components in AWS – LAB

·         Working with AWS VPC flow logs for network monitoring – LAB


·         Elastic Load Balancers


·         Load Balancer and health checks


·         Advances load balancer theory


·         Autoscaling

·         Launch Configurations and Auto Scaling groups – Demo

·         HA Architecture

·         Building a fault-tolerant WordPress site: Setting up Ec2 – Demo

·       Building a fault-tolerant WordPress Site: Adding resilience & autoscaling – Demo

·       Building a fault-tolerant WordPress site: CloudFormation – Demo

·       High availability with bastion hosts

·       On-premise strategies with AWS

·       HA Architecture summary

·       Getting started with CloudFormation – Hands-on-Lab


·         Reducing Security threats

·         Key Management Service (KMS)

·         CloudHSM

·         Systems Manager Parameter Store

·         Secrets Manager

·         AWS Shield

·         Web Application Firewall

·         Introduction to Lambda

·         Programmatically Utilizing Data from S3

·         Serverless Application Model

·         Elastic Container Service (ECS)

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